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Foundations of the Faith

Please join us for Foundations of the Faith Wednesday nights at 6 pm for Bible study, prayer, & fellowship. Each week we will discuss a topic & study truth from God’s word. Childcare is provided! The schedule for each week’s topic is listed below.


1-Atheists and Agnostics: How do we know God exists? Can we really know him?  February 8

2-God’s Word:  How do we know that the Bible is God’s Word?  February 15

3-The Bible:  Is it true?  Does it have errors?  Is it enough for knowing what God wants?  February 22

4-The Trinity:  How can God be one God in three persons?  February 29

5-God’s Character:  What is God like?  How is God like us and how is he different from us?  March

6-God as Creator:  When and how did God make the universe we live in?  March 14

7-God as Sovereign:   If God controls all things, how can our actions have real meaning?  March 21


8-Created in His Image:  How did God make us like himself?  What difference does it make?  March 28

9-Created with a job to do:  What job has God given to us?  The Cultural Mandate  – April 4

10-Created male and female:  Can men and women be equal and yet have different roles?  April 11

11-We have fallen into sin:  The Fall in History.  April 18

12-We are affected by sin:  The Fall Today.  April 25

13-Open Q&A (Angels, Satan and Demons – What are they?) May 2


14-How does God relate to us?  God’s Grace through the Covenant: Abram to Abraham – May 9

15-God’s Grace through the Covenant:  Moses to the New Covenant – May 16

16-Atonement & Resurrection: Was it necessary for Christ to die and then rise from the dead?  May 23

17-Union with Christ:  “The central truth of the whole doctrine of salvation.” – May 30

18-Election, Calling and Regeneration:  When and why did God choose us?  June 6

19-Conversion (Faith + Repentance) & Adoption:  Can we accept Jesus as savior but not Lord?  June 13

20-Justification:  How and when do we gain a right standing before God?  June 20

21-Sanctification:  How do we grow in maturity?  What are the benefits of that growth?  June27

22-No Meeting: Celebrate Independence Day- July 4

23-Perseverence, Death and Glorification:  Can we lose our salvation?  What happens at death?  July 11

24-The Holy Spirit:  HIs person and work – Who is Holy Spirit and what does he do?  July 18

25-The Holy Spirit:  The gifts of the Spirit – What are they?  Have some gifts ceased?  July 25


26 – Doing follows being:  The Power of Transformation – August 1

27-The Church:   What is the purpose of having a church?  August 8

28-The Church:  Government and Discipline  – How should a church be governed?  August 15

29-The Means of Grace:  What things does God use to bring blessings to us?  August 22

30-The Means of Grace:  Baptism – Who should be baptized?  How should it be done?  August 29

31-The Means of Grace:  The Lord’s Supper – How should it be observed?  September 5

32-Prayer:  If God already knows, why should we pray?  How can we pray effectively?  September 12

33-Worship:  Corporate and Private – September 19

34-Mercy Ministry:  Why should we care about people in need? – September 26

35-World Missions – Why should we go to other countries with the gospel?  October  3

36-A Theology of the Family – October 10

37-Building and Grounds: Is there a theology of building and grounds?  October 17

38- Sharing our faith with others:  Presuppositional, Classical and Relational Apologetics – October 24

39-No Meeting: Go meet your neighbors for Halloween- October 31

40- Fellowship: Why shouldn’t it be just Jesus and me?- November 7

41-Discipleship:  I see how the twelve did it, but how do we walk with Jesus today?  November 7

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